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Madrid's El País newspaper also went with the Vatican angle. "White smoke. This morning, at dawn, Brussels and London have reached a historic agreement on the conditions of their divorce," the popular daily said. It added that in the end, Theresa May "consented to paying a bill" for Brexit. Barcelona-based La Vanguardia said that the negotiations were "accompanied by a fair wind", resulting in the "first great deal" for Brexit. Image caption Domestic news dominates Poland's Rzeczpospolita, with Brexit a long way "below the fold" In Poland, Brexit has been overshadowed by the resignation of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo . However, Polish media have highlighted May's pledge to protect EU nationals living in the UK. Leading daily Rzeczpospolita went with the headline "May: I will guarantee rights of over three million EU citizens in Great Britain". Similarly, Romania's Gandul is satisfied that the rights of Romanians in the UK are protected. "Over 230,000 Romanians work in the United Kingdom, the third [EU] ethnic group in the country, after the Polish and Irish minorities", it notes.

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